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5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a PhotographerApple’s App Store is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary by giving everyone 5 apps and 5 games for free. Since the store’s launch in 2008, the world of apps has been growing at an immeasurable rate. Now that there are over 900,000 apps on the market that are designed to make our lives a little easier, or to distract us from our work– I find it difficult to keep up with all the popular mobile apps out there. 

Unlike my younger siblings, I’m not much of a gamer. Downloading games on my phone typically ends in me becoming very frustrated and butt hurt because my whole family and everyone else I know is substantially better at the game than I am so most of the mobile applications I download are for social networking sites. That being said, since my concerning Instagram addiction has spiraled out of control I’ve found myself downloading more and more photo editing apps to customize my posts.

If you’re anything like me, anytime you see a great photo with a customized feature you want to know what mobile app the photographer used. From personal use, to business implementation, to fun marketing ideas, customized photos are a great way to spread the word about a new product, or just popularize your social networking feeds. 

So if you’ve been searching for new photo apps to spice up your camera roll, look no further, here are my personal recommendations: 


5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a Photographer

5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a PhotographerShakeitPhoto—- $1.99 Banana Camera Co. 

When I was 8 I had a huge, and I mean HUGE, pink Barbie Polaroid camera that goes down in the books as, by far, my most prized possession. Nothing was more satisfying than printing my photo, shaking it wildly, and watching it come to life right before my eyes. ShakeitPhoto maintains the essence of a Polaroid picture in a modern age of technology and digital cameras. You can take the photo in the app, or import one from your camera roll and then, “shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture.” Not only do you get an awesome photo, but also the app is interactive and fun. 


ColorSplash—- $0.99 Pocket Pixels Inc. 

Have you ever wondered how people post a black and white photo that has certain parts of the image still in color? This app allows you to feel like a Photoshop pro, but you’re actually just using your finger to color in the chosen details of your image! Download this app to add a dramatic touch to your photos. I assure you it will add some color to your black and white world!

5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a Photographer

Diptic—- $0.99 Peak Systems 

5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a Photographer#Picstitch has become a very popular hashtag in the photo sharing community. Don’t get left out of this trend and start stitching your photos together and sharing awesome collages! This app includes features for text captions, 14 filters, rounded borders, fun background textures and 179 customizable layouts. You get to edit your border size and color, add texture, control the inner and outer corners, and adjust the curvature. Whether you’re snapping a photo of all the new garments your boutique is now selling, showing your dinner dish’s preparation from start to finish, or including a before and after shot of your latest haircut, Diptic seamlessly combines your photos for one easy-to-share image. 


Snapseed—- $0.00

Of course I have to include a general editing app. This one is my dad’s favorite, which doesn’t mean much to you, but if you knew the man, you’d know this was a photo junkie’s first pic. Enhance, crop, straighten, detail, filter; you name it, this app does it! Snapseed surpasses my knowledge of photo technology, but makes having a high-quality photo experience as easy as a few taps and swipes. Become photo savvy with Snapseed. 

5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a Photographer

Retromatic—- $1.99 Peta Vision 

I’m pretty sure I increased my hipster level by at least 16% when I downloaded Retromatic. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore the depths of this app, but so far, I’m impressed. For those of you who love fun and dramatic edits, this app is perfect. The platform takes editing photos to a whole new level, not only are you editing photos, you’re creating them! Use this app for creating retro-style posters for online sharing. This is advanced editing right at your fingertips. 

5 Popular Mobile Apps You Should Know About If You're a Photographer

My name is Avery Barnes and I approve this message: these apps are download-worthy and deserve a spot on your phone’s dashboard.

What photo editing apps are you using to enhance your photos? 


By Avery Barnes | Social Media Intern with Creatine Marketing  


5 Popular Photography Mobile Apps You Should Know About 







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