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Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Social Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should Be World Wide Web is full of various social hubs where people are able to converge in order to ask questions, pose responses, discuss news, share information, and build communities.

While most of the networking population sticks to the more popular social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine—there are actually a myriad of lesser known, just as engaging, alternative networks where people participate in conversations every day.

If you are a business owner, social media marketer, or networking junkie—you may be missing out on conversions, engagement opportunities, or chances to show off the amazing food you’re eating.

Participating in certain other, smaller communities rather than simply focusing on the handful of major social media web sites will put you in contact with a much wider audience. Reaching out to more users and consumers will help your brand build new relationships, generate more traffic, and strengthen your authority and recognition with fresh niches.

We have compiled this social media sites list in order to introduce you to some of the more obscure social networks. By obscure, we don’t mean virtually non-existent user base– these networks are popular, they are just under the radar—so hop on the proverbial bandwagon before it even shifts into drive.

KeekSocial Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should Be

This video-based network, made popular by celebrities like the Kardashians among others, allows users to create and share short videos. Yes, like Vine and Instagram. But the audience is growing steadily and while there is no specific space for advertisers or businesses, you can create an individual account and create brand-related videos and share them anywhere else! Which fun marketing ideas are you eager try out?

Social Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should BeKlout

Klout is a system that compiles data from your social interactions and rates you based on how much influence you yield online. Many social media marketers, brands, and individual users have already created Klout accounts, however, did you know that this platform is able to do much more than just monitor your social authority? That is a topic for another day! In the meantime, just register and see how persuasive you are in your community of friends, family, coworkers, and competitors.

TribeSocial Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should Be 

Marketers, salesmen, and spammers beware—the community on Tribe will not stand for your pushy tactics! Tribe is a network that connects people with similar interests. The platform should never be used to spam users or push your brand/product. Instead, Tribe provides an opportunity for you to participate in open conversations within the online community. You can also post information listings, events, tips, and news.


Social Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should Be

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from new homes, computers, vacations, cars, food, and other household items. Additionally, women represent the majority of the online market—22% shop online at least once a day, and 92%pass along information about deals or finds to others. (Read more of these statistics here).Luckily, there are many digital spaces that women gather—where they meet to discuss products, deals, promotions, and services. CafeMom is one of them. Even if you don’t use this network to join in on discussions about pregnancy, diapers, organic vegetables, or toothpaste—this site is a fantastic and inspiring place to collect content ideas for marketing campaigns aimed at the female consumer.


Social Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should Be

Straight from their website, “Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management…[enabling you to] dramatically improve your workflow and productivity… [it is] easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful.” With Diigo, you can add digital highlighters as you read the web, add sticky notes, and always know where you left off when you leave—and then return to the site. You can build your personal information library in the cloud, archive webpages, provide feedback on designs, or share passages with Twitter followers. Our favorite features are the collaboration tools; you can create a knowledge hub where family, coworkers, teammates, or friends can add comments, highlight, leave notes, and interact right on the page.

Social Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should BePlurk

Plurk is very similar to Twitter, however, the text updates can be up to 210 characters– surpassing the competitor’s 140 character limit by 70! 

DeliciousSocial Media Web Sites you Aren’t Using, But Should Be

This social bookmarking web service invites users to share, store, and discover various websites. Share your blogs, webpages, and promotions with 5.3 million users! Delicious uses a classification system in which users can tag each of their bookmarks with freely chosen index terms—then other users are able to see information when they search for said tags. This network lets you share your passions with other Internet users! And for marketers, writers, bloggers, crafters, scientists, parents, or business owners, this site disperses your content all over the web!

Now that you have this short list of social media web sites, create your free account and start sharing! Expand your network, strengthen your brand message, enhance your reputation for authority in your field, or simply post a video of that funny thing your cat did that one time—no matter what you’re up to online, these networks will prove to be a wonderful resource!

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