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Although the life of a Disney Princess must be pretty demanding, we can’t help but wonder what Facebook and Twitter would be like if they had time to blow up our news feeds. Creatine Marketing imagined how the famed princesses might utilize social media web sites, and now you can explore the categories we’ve come up with to see which Disney princess, you most resemble.

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble On Social Media Web Sites?Snow White: Snow White loves to be the center of attention and to surround herself with many, many friends. She checks her Klout score daily to see if she’s relevant on popular social media sites. If you find yourself with over 1,000 friends or followers, you most likely have had your share of the poison apple. Like Snow White, you captivate the interest of many different personalities and are able to stand out amongst the crowd. Don’t forget to distribute your attention evenly or a few of your followers might get grumpy.

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble On Social Media Web Sites?Cinderella: When posting status updates do you feel like you’ve left something important behind? Like Cinderella leaving her slipper at the ball, you leave an important component of your update out of the equation. “Worst day ever!” and “Will he ever know?” may leave your audience wanting more, but remember that not every prince will go searching for the answer.

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble On Social Media Web Sites?Belle: Do you enjoy staying up to date on the latest BuzzFeed articles and keeping friends updated about new trends in social media? If so, you’re most likely a queen of information who wants to continuously learn and share her knowledge. Belle would be proud to call you a friend and would undoubtedly bounce the latest celebrity gossip off of your page. Be careful not to inquire too much about her relationship status though, we hear her boyfriend can be a real beast.

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble On Social Media Web Sites?

Jasmine: Are you a health nut? Do you enjoy showing off your trim figure in revealing bikinis and form-fitting gym wear? Jasmine enjoys showing a little skin and taking advantage of the assets she has been graced with. Like you, she takes pride in her hard work and enjoys sharing butt-blasting workouts and ways to get abs of steal in 30 days. With profile pictures like the ones you post, you’re sure to have princes from all over the world fighting for your hand in marriage.

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble On Social Media Web Sites?Sleeping Beauty: Sleeping beauty is a queen of the selfie. When she’s not busy snoozing she takes pride in her dreamy image and spends hours curling and primping just to take a photo and go back to bed. If you find yourself getting dolled up for a photo shoot with yourself, you’re not alone. Who knows, maybe your perfect angle will pop up in your prince’s news feed and you’ll both live happily ever after.

Which Disney Princess Do You Resemble On Social Media Web Sites?Pocahontas: Everyone knows a Pocahontas – out to change the world one post at a time. If you can’t help but share an update in attempt to cure cancer or to win donations for a charitable cause, you are most like Pocahontas, who hates to see the world distressed by the cruel nature of human beings. Stay strong in your efforts; you never know what’s coming just around the river bend.

By: Dana Andersen | Creatine Marketing 

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