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We live in a world where people are continually connecting to one another via social media. 20% of the total time people spend on a computer is devoted to social media, and that number jumps to 30% of the total time on mobile phones.[1] A recent study estimates that by 2014, mobile Internet usage around the world will overtake desktop browsing, and it will increase by 66% percent each year after.[2] This means social media websites that are highly mobile, like Twitter, will only gain more active users. Small businesses and brands can capitalize on these mobile users by engaging and communicating with customers on mobile platforms. “Updates and posts are a quick and easy way to keep consumers (and potential consumers) aware of current services and specials that a business is offering.”[3] While many businesses and brands are already on Twitter, some may question whether the social media platform is for them.

Twitter for Business | Creatine Marketing WebinarThis is where Robert Black’s webinar “How to Use Twitter for Business” can help. Robert, VP of Sales at Creatine Marketing, has spent the past fifteen years as a business development professional and digital media strategist. One of his many achievements is to help businesses succeed in sales and marketing and to build their own economy through systematic approaches. These approaches include using social media to target new customers and foster business growth.

Creatine Marketing’s “How to Use Twitter for Business” will help skeptical businesses understand why Twitter is a prominent business tool. The webinar will cover the basics of Twitter as well as:

  • Community building

  • Content creation

  • Lead Generation

…and more!

Whether you were one of the first adopters of Twitter or are new to the platform, there should be something for new and educational that you can take away from this webinar. Register for FREE now!



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Source: http://blog.creatinemarketing.com/blog/bid/189860/Social-Media-Webinar-How-to-use-Twitter-for-business


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